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If you still have questions or concerns, you may e-mail us at or come to the desk to speak with Erin or Rhea. We
are more than willing to speak with anyone regarding any questions or concerns you have regarding any dance matter.   
Dea'Sean Benson
Karen Bizarro
Destiny Botelho
Taylor Brouillette
Dani-Lyn Chaves
Kaitlyn Claudina
Nicholas Claudina
Lindsey Cunha
Carly Delgado
Kelsie DeMello
Hailey Docca
Deja Dominguez
Kelsey Duquette
Angelina Ferreira
Brianna Ferreira
Mackenzie Ferreira
Tamya Ferrer
Briana Fidalgo
Kyleigh Gagne
Aelany Garcia
Cameron Hodziewich
Savannah Kofton
Kaylee Lambert
Mikayla Lapre
Kailey Larson
Alexis Lavallee
Kendra Lebron
Selena Lebron
Destiny Lenling
Abbey Lopes
Kayla Madeira
Morgan Medeiros
Jasmine  Melo
Jayda Monteiro
Jaylin  Monteiro
Kristle Oliveira
Calista Pacheco
Megan Pacheco
Shawn Pacheco
Kara Pedro
Caroline Pereira
Alex Pinaretta
Chayce Rapoza
Abigail Renauld
Abigail Rohena
Dominic Rose
Jeffrey Rosanina
Sarah Saulnier
Laila Sousa
Beatriz Souto
Jaeli Souza
Emma Stephens
Kassandra Trinidad
Sabrina Valentim
Amber Velletri
India Verdejo
Savannah Verrier
Jessica Wood
Maggie Zielinski
Monthly Meeting Notes
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Next parents Meeting:

December 2nd, 2013
6:00 p.m.
Shawn Pacheco
On Stage America

Fitchburg, MA

March 22-24, 2013
Turn it Up Dance Challenge

Providence, RI

April 26-28 2013
Dance Ovations

Amherst, MA

May 17-19 2013

Turn it Up Dance Challenge
July 8-12 2013